How To Get Washboard Abs

One thing people always ask my charming sister & I is do we work out? Good question.

One thing we for SURE do is our abs workout. This is a fool-proof way to get washboard abs (see pictures). 

This is a 30-day workout, for maximum results you have to do it every NIGHT. So here it is, one of our best kept secrets, every night (for 30 nights) get out your yoga mat and do 30 sit-ups, correctly; i.e. no moving your feet, keeping your hands on your head, elbows back, all the way up and all the way down sit ups. I know right, simple- but if you want the results you can’t skip a night, so ladies if you want washboard abs so skimping even on those late nights. XXX MCS

P.S. For extra credit do 30 side crunches for each side, each night. P.P.S. This is a work-out for washboard abs, and it gives you a good base for getting a 4-pack. P.P.S. 6-Packs on girls is butch too much. 

Examples of surfboard flat abs.





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