How to Dress for a Bar

Remember this MCS Rule: When you’re going out to a bar/club/party…

There are many different ways to dress when one is going out.

You really need to have an idea of what it is you want to look like & what it is that other people might be wearing.

If you go to a DIVE BarĀ  you will definitely want to wear jeans, a sexy or fun top, wedges/platforms/pumps/sandals. At a dive, you can look hot but don’t waste your short-sexy-dress on this night. Dives are fun, effortless & EASY.

Top-Hale Bob, Jeans- Rag & Bone, Sandals- Forever 21, Bracelets-Brandi Melville, Queen Baby, Kiss Me Kate, Macy’s, Muse Boutique, Watch-Michael Kors

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We are two opinionated sisters, who love all things charming. We'll give you the low down on funky dressing, beautiful ideas, trends to follow & most importantly great charming influences to have in your life. 7 A blog for fashion, ideas, social tips, make up advice and all around life styling.
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